Charcoal Toothbrush

Charcoal Toothbrush

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KOHLE toothbrush is all about the deep clean and whiter smile.

As you brush the Activated Charcoal infused into each bristle helps to absorb toxins in your mouth, remove stains and reduce the growth of bacteria that may cause bad breath.

And the best bit is that Charcoal naturally whitens your teeth, while absorbing chlorine and other harsh chemicals found in tap water.

Charcoal also has powerful odour absorption properties and balances PH levels, as well as being a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial. Find out more about its amazing benefits here.


Step 1: As a replacement for your usual toothbrush, add a pea sized amount of KOHLE toothpaste to your brush. Brush your teeth in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes
Step 2: Rinse after use and allow it to air dry