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Angy’s mum Virginia

Angy (16yrs) had quite an acne problem. I really wanted to avoid putting her on medication, luckily I stumbled across KOHLE.

Angy started using the mask twice a week, after her second mask I noticed it had started to settle, there were no new larger pimples and she also commented that all the blackheads at the top of her cheeks had come out. Her skin is healing and potential scarring and the dark red from previous pimples is fading.

Thankyou KOHLE, I was concerned that she may have to go onto medication but now that is not an issue at all.


I have noticed a dramatic reduction in redness and breakouts since using the face mask and I love how smooth my skin feels immediately after using it.


I've been using the charcoal and coconut face mask for the past couple of months. For someone who has been struggling with PCOS for many years and been highly insecure about my skin, has found this product to be a blessing in disguise! 

Would highly recommend for anyone who is struggling wth acne.. it'll leave you face feeling smoother than every before. 

Thanks for such an amazing product!


With simply a few sessions of using the charcoal mask, I could see noticeably improvements to my face's complexion. With my acne prone combo skin, it has helped my face become brighter and clearer. The first session of using the mask was intimidating because of the redness but after a few session, my redness became less apparent so the detoxification must've really worked! Would definitely recommend for acne/combination skin!

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