Our range is blended using Coconut Oil and Activated Charcoal as the main active ingredients, this is unique to the Australian market. We believe that harnessing the power of these natural materials will leave your skin, teeth and gums healthy and protected. We use 100% natural ingredients inc. certified organic- see ingredients lists for details. KOHLE is Australian made and owned.

All our products are 100% natural, free from chemicals, fragrances and preservatives and made using key certified organic ingredients, however Activated Charcoal from coconut shell cannot technically be classed as organic, as it is a carbon.

Yes see package details for expiry date

In a cool dry place

We suggest starting children on a natural dental journey early, however we advise children have all adult teeth when using KOHLE. Please be aware that we don't recommend leaving children alone to use the toothpaste or mouthwash as it can get messy and shouldn't be swallowed!
Our facemask can be used on sensitive skin, however for both the skin and oral products we would recommend consulting your healthcare professional if you are unsure.
Please do not leave young children alone with the Konjac Sponge in case of swallowing.

All our products are 100% natural, so no nasty chemicals can be passed to the baby. However, to be on the safe side we would recommend speaking to your healthcare professional if you are unsure.

KOHLE offers 14 day refund & exchange on all products that are unopened and unused. If 14 days from date of purchase passes unfortunately we won't be able to refund or exchange. To process your return or exchange please email us at info@kohle.com.au. Once KOHLE receives your return, funds will be processed back to your original payment method within 7 business days as long as the item is in perfect condition; this includes all packaging.Please note the cost of shipping the item back to KOHLE is a cost to you.
Please note this is not a money back guarantee.

If you place an order and realise it was incorrect/ the details were incorrect please email info@kohle.com.au within 30 minutes of purchase- if the order has been shipped you will have to wait until you receive it to then send back for an exchange.
Please ensure you review your order inc. shipping details before confirming your purchase.

Absolutely not, we test on humans not animals. We pride ourselves on being cruelty free.

The Activated Charcoal Powder is from coconut husks in India- this ingredient is food grade . All the other 100% natural ingredients that are blended to make our products are sourced right here in Australia.

You will find Geoguard on the ingredient list for our facemask, this is a natural preservative that can be used in organic products that does not contain any paraben or formaldehyde releasers.

All of the cosmetic products in our range are made in Australia, however the accessories range have been produced overseas. Our Activated Charcoal infused Floss sticks and Konjac sponge have been made China and our toothbrushes are from Japan. We are very picky about our suppliers to ensure you always receive the highest quality products.

KOHLE toothpaste is blended using organic "Piperita" or Peppermint Oil. This give it a lovely, minty taste, leaving your mouth clean and refreshed after use.

There are no harsh chemicals in our toothpaste or mouthwash, so it will not harm your dental work like other whitening products might.
However we do recommend consulting your dentist prior to use if you have dentures, crowns, veneers or braces.

Yes, of course. Our toothpaste & mouthwash contain all natural, organic ingredients to leave your mouth and teeth perfectly cleansed, whitened and refreshed. You can use the products as many times a day as you wish. We recommend careful use, as it can get messy and be careful to minimise swallowing.

Traditional, chemical toothpastes use an artificial foaming agent, our toothpaste is blended using all natural and organic ingredients and therefore no foaming agent has been included. Don't worry, this does not affect the results at all!

We have blended the lovely, fresh taste of pure "Piperita, or Peppermint Oil into the mouthwash to leave you with a long-lasting refreshing, minty taste.

It shouldn't stain your sink however there is a first time for everything. KOHLE is messy so make sure you wipe down the sink and sides straight after use.

Remember not mouth is the same some will have quicker results than others. We recommend using the KOHLE oral products at least twice a day, you should see results in approx. two weeks.

Yes, you can sterilise the sponge by boiling in a pan of water for a few minutes. We would recommend using a different sponge for your face and body and replacing the sponge around once a month.

We would recommend replacing your sponge around once a month.

The Coconut Oil and Activated Charcoal facemask is suitable to for skin of all skin types. However, if you are unsure please speak to your healthcare professional before use and do a patch test before applying to your whole face.

Yes, this is completely normal! As the bentonite clay and activated charcoal draw impurities out of the skin, blood is also brought to the surface and this causes redness.

We are committed to ensuring every material and ingredient that has gone into blending our range is of the very highest quality. All product ingredients have been sourced from suppliers in Australia, with the exception of the Coconuts that make our activated charcoal powder which is food grade and sourced from coconut husks in India.
Our range of oral and skin care accessories have been sourced from reputable and quality certified suppliers in Asia, all to ensure our range is own we are proud to call premium. None of the ingredients have been tested on animals and are suitable for Vegans to use, as well as being 100% natural.
Our price point is based on all these factors to ensure it fairly reflects the high-quality product you enjoy.