Does activated charcoal really whiten your teeth?

If you’re looking for more information about the benefits of activated charcoal, it’s probably because you’ve heard of the recent trend in which people everywhere are posting pictures of themselves brushing their teeth with the black substance. You might be asking yourself whether it can really be as effective as everyone claims.

Well, we can safely say, the hype is real. Activated charcoal may be a new trend, but this effective treatment has been around for quite a while, with time-tested results. Because while the Western world may have just recently found out about this miracle treatment, it has been used in Asia to treat illness and purify the body for centuries.

It’s natural. It’s safe. And it works. Ready to learn more?

What is activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is a version of the substance that has been heated so that its pores become larger and more absorbent. Actually, we now know that activated charcoal is the most absorbent material on Earth.

In this form, it’s completely tasteless and odourless, as well as safe for consumption. In fact, it’s been used for decades in medical settings to absorb dangerous substances in the digestive system to treat illnesses like food poisoning.

How does it work as a whitener?

There are a lot of teeth whiteners on the market, and if you’ve tried one of them, chances are, you weren’t too impressed. Most whiteners, even the ones that are ADA approved, are filled with harsh chemicals that can leave you wondering whether white teeth are worth exposing yourself to those hard-to-pronounce synthetic ingredients.

Activated charcoal, on the other hand, works by drawing out all of the toxins on the surface of your teeth. Because of the natural ridges on your teeth’s surface, it can be difficult to remove the residue that causes discolouration from brushing alone.

Even if you may be surprised by the image of your mouth covered in pitch-black charcoal, the end results are amazing. After just one treatment, you’ll notice an improvement in the whiteness of your teeth.

Are there other benefits?

Like we mentioned before, active charcoal works by binding with the substances in your mouth that you’d rather not be there. Luckily, in addition to making your teeth whiter, there are some other benefits to this process, as well. For instance, the charcoal binds to bacteria that is throwing off the pH balance in your mouth. What you’re left with is a mouth that feels clean and doesn’t have a trace of bad breath.

And, although some get nervous about whether active charcoal will strip your teeth’s enamel, the opposite is actually true. Treatments with charcoal can strengthen enamel and remove the plaque that is responsible for tooth decay.

How can you try it out?

KOHLE has a variety of products that use activated charcoal to help whiten your teeth. Their toothpaste, for one, has not only the activated charcoal that will help you get those gorgeous pearly whites, but also uses coconut oil which is known to pull out toxins, as well.

It may seem like just the latest fad, but we know that once you try this treatment once, you’ll agree that activated charcoal is the perfect natural whitener.