Self Care Starts Here

As the cooler weather rolls around, we have the perfect excuse to stay indoors and indulge in ‘me time.’ BellaBox Winter Welcome to Wellness box has you covered, with 12 essentials designed to make your hibernation feel like a luxurious holiday. From an eye mask, to an exfoliating sponge, to a sleeping balm, here are all the self-care treats to keep you company this winter. Available in AU and NZ.

KOHLE Bundles
(full size)

When it comes to glowing skin and teeth, there’s no duo quite like KOHLE’s charcoal and coconut formula. Yep, the brand’s iconic line is making an appearance in this season’s wellness box, and bellas can opt-in to receive one of two available bundles:

  1. Glow Bundle: Deep Clean Mask + Konjac Sponge

    Get the Glow Bundle and be on your way to brighter and hydrated skin. The Charcoal Deep Clean Mask purifies with activated charcoal, kaolin clay and bentonite clay to absorb dirt, toxins and excess oil. Its coconut oil component is mixed with aloe vera and vitamin E to assist with the healing of any spots, reduction of skin inflammation, and restore the skin’s natural glow.

    Use the included Konjac Sponge to gently remove the mask, or use as an exfoliator on its own to stimulate blood flow and leave the skin looking fresh.
  2. Smile Bundle: Biodegradable Charcoal Toothbrush + Charcoal & Coconut Toothpaste

    Nothing screams self-care more than a beaming smile. This coconut and charcoal toothpaste detoxifies and whitens teeth, without the use of any harmful toxins. Pair it with KOHLE’s biodegradable charcoal bristle toothbrush for the ultimate pearly whites.

 Bellabox Reusable Bamboo Travel Cup

(full size)

Your love for coffee should never come at the expense of Mother Nature, which is why we’ve made a special travel cup just for our bellas. Get your caffeine fix with these reusable coffee cups, reducing your wastage and looking fab while you’re at it. Holding 300ml of your favourite drink, the bamboo fibre cup makes a great companion for any on-the-go bella. Its lilac lid and grip are easy to clean. Each cup is exclusively available in the WTW winter box. Saving the planet never looked so good.

Blue Dinosaur Passionfruit Super Bites

(full size: 30g)

A rainy day spent indoors calls for (healthy) snacking. These tasty vegan bites make for great afternoon nibbles, packing passionfruit, coconut and dates for one flavourful burst. It’s rich with Vitamin C, and a great fibre source, so you can tide those cravings and get a dose of nutrients while you’re at it. Best of all, it’s Australian-made, all natural, and gluten-free.

Tsuno Natural Bamboo Sampler Pack

(sample pack: 1 regular pad + 1 liner)

Tsuno is here to spin periods into something purposeful. The brand prides itself in creating sustainable pads and liners, made of natural bamboo and corn fibre. This winter, WTW members can sample Tsuno’s range, with 1 included regular pad and 1 liner in each Wellness box. Feel the difference and make a difference; Every Tsuno box sold sees 50% of profits donated to the brand’s partner charity, OneGirl. Take 20% off your first Tsuno subscription using code BELLABOX at checkout. Who says that time of month can’t be a great one?

Remedy Drinks

(full size)

 AU: Coconut Water Kefir Passionfruit

Crack open a Remedy Drink, quenching your fizzy drink craving without giving your body any nasties. This live cultured flavour drink comes packed with all the goodness of coconut water, minus the sugar. A blend of fresh coconut and zesty passionfruit comes together for a healthy and flavourful treat in this full-sized can.

NZ: Switchel Blood Orange

By now you’d be familiar with the endless benefits of apple cider vinegar. With Switchel Blood Orange, NZ bellas can have their ACV intake, along with ginger, while digesting a handful of nutrients. Think regulated blood sugar levels, aid in digestion and balanced pH levels. It’s like your favourite orange fizzy drink, without the bad stuff.

Mary Grace Bulgarian Rose Otto Face Elixir

(full size: 30ml)

Get used to the feeling of luxury with Mary Grace’s delicate essential oil. Carefully crafted with the finest of Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil, this treatment packs the goodness of Wheat Germ, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil and Rosehip in a gorgeous bottle to leave your face feeling oh so lush. Not only is its vegan-friendly formula suitable for sensitive skin, it can also be used as a serum, makeup remover, or combined with your favourite cream. 

Plunkett’s Vita E Pure Vitamin E Super Concentrated Oil

(full size: 25ml)

Our love for rosehip oil carries across two products this winter. Plunkett's Vita E Oil is a super concentrated, high potency, pure Vitamin E Oil, enriched with rosehip. A skincare favourite for many, this oil protects and nourishes the skin against moisture loss and dehydration, leaving you looking radiant as ever. Its list of benefits doesn’t end there. The treatment also combats signs of aging, helps restore damaged skin, soften scars and stretch marks, and evens skin tone.

Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm

(sample size: 1.5g)

If there’s one beauty essential that we condone more than most, it’s absolutely getting your beauty sleep. For anyone who’s prone to insomnia, or has their sleep interrupted nightly, this theraputic balm might just be the trick. Its scent is enough to clear your mind before bedtime, infused with a blend of oriental floral lavender, including 14 different essential oils that are 100% natural. Sweet dreams are made of this.

MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

(2 sample pack)

We’ve all heard the benefits of going to a sauna, and now there’s a similar answer for your eye area. MegRhythm’s steam eye masks uses Japanese self-heating technology to envelope the eye area with warm steam as it works its magic. Simply pop on, leave on 10 minutes while it soothes the eyes to comfort. Goodbye puffy eyes.

Jurlique Sweet Violet & Grapefruit Mist

(sample size: 15ml)

Take your skin on holiday with Jurlique’s iconic mist. This winter, bellas will be treated to the brand’s sweet violent and grapefruit scent, a heavenly blend of floral and citrus, to have you feeling refreshed as you restore your skin back to its natural radiance.
Alongside delivering instant hydration, this beauty can also be used as a toner, a refreshing spray, or underneath your base for makeup longevity.


Footcare by Maseur Ball of Foot Gel Cushion

(full size: 2 pairs)

If your winter boots look killer, but don’t do well on the dance floor, these gel cushions will come in handy. Designed to deliver night-long comfort, the high impact cushion grips protect the balls of your feet, thanks to its soft padding. It’s slim and invisible profile means you can wear them with all your favourites, for all occasions. 

 Global Nature PURE Natural Collagen Booster

(full size: 30g)

PURE’s Collagen Booster is a wellness staple for many reasons. Rich in silica, this booster aids in collagen production to promote glowing skin, and growth of hair and nails. It maintains health among connective tissues, joints, and cartilage; and works wonders for smoothing lines, and improving skin elasticity. To top it off, it’s also vegan-friendly.

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