Parabens, fluoride and other nasties - here's the 411

Firstly, we wanted to squash the myth that all chemicals are bad; they’re not. In fact everything around us is made up of chemicals, it’s how these chemicals are used cosmetically and the synthetic ingredients that go into some products, that can be potentially harmful.  

The key ingredients in most cosmetics include emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturisers, colours and fragrances. Probably the most villainous are preservatives that Pharmaceutical companies started using in the 1920’s, called parabens.  

By the 1980’s parabens were used in over 13,200 products on the shelves; makes sense as this was the decade of processed food, synthetic cosmetics and…copious amounts of hairspray killing off the ozone layer!

But over the following decades study after study started showing the potential link between parabens and estrogen hormone imbalance. More recent studies have shown that parabens are found in the breast tissue of an unusually high percentage of breast cancer sufferers  - scary stuff.  

Anything applied to the body is absorbed by the skin and our mission at KOHLE is to make sure what’s going into your body is 100% natural, so it can’t cause any adverse long-term damage.

Which brings us onto fluoride.

By now you've probably been hearing all sorts about the dangers of fluoride and why its presence in most conventional toothpastes is not a good thing. KOHLE’s oral products are 100% natural and therefore do not contain fluoride; here's why.

For many years it was believed that we needed to use fluoride to protect our teeth from decay, in most developed countries fluoride was (and still is) added to the communal water system for this reason. Recently studies have linked high levels of fluoride to health problems especially in young children, prompting a study into this in Australia.

In fact overuse of fluoride can actually cause defects in the tooth’s enamel, causing discolouration- when the teeth are forming - usually in children under 6. These defects can only be removed through professional strength abrasives or bleach.

KOHLE’s 100% natural toothpaste & mouthwash can be enjoyed by all the family and is a good alternative to toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain nasties.

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