6 ways to use activated charcoal to improve your health

If you didn’t get the memo, activated charcoal is taking the world by storm and we love that nature’s own overachiever is finally getting the recognition it deserves.

Before we get into the how and why, here’s a bit of background incase you missed it. KOHLE’s food grade charcoal is made from Indian coconut husks, making it vegan-friendly, which is not true of all activated charcoal powder.

The process of ‘activating’ the charcoal (or carbon) involves heating it in an oxygen-free environment at around 1700 degrees fahrenheit. This enlarges the pores, making it uber-absorbent and that, is where it’s magic lies.  

And by magic, we mean some seriously impressive capabilities, such as drawing toxins from the skin, teeth, gums, gut, digestive tract, kidneys and liver.

So, with credentials like that it’s no surprise that we’re starting to see activated charcoal crop up everywhere from the bar to the lab, with predictably wondrous results:

  1. Charcoal cocktails. That’s right, those clever mixologists have developed some extremely instagram-worthy activated charcoal inclusive tipples. With concoctions including Scotch, Cayenne Pepper and Absynth - these are not for the faint-hearted, but at least the health benefits of the activated charcoal outweigh the alcohol*, right?
  2. Charcoal lattes. If you’d rather take baby(chino) steps towards charcoal-infused cocktails, getting your dose of the good stuff could also come in the form of your favourite caffeinated beverage. Known to alleviate bloating and unwanted gas (if you catch our drift), making this your new morning routine could be a god-send for the office
  3. Fro Yo. There seems to be a theme occurring here, but we promise the whole list doesn’t comprise of only food and drink. Actiavted Charcoal flavoured ice creams have been popping up on social news feeds across the globe, before Australia’s very own Twisted introduced a Frozen Yogurt option. But if we had to pick a favourite, it would go to this New York parlour for their activated charcoal and coconut recipe - the perfect combo
  4. Water filtering Many water filtering systems use activated charcoal to filter out toxins, fluoride and chemicals. If your tap water has less toxins in it, you have no excuse not to drink more of it, and don’t make us tell you how good water is for your health
  5. Science and medicine. Activated charcoal has been used for many years to absorb poisons from the body, such as those caused by drug overdoses or snake and spider bites. More recently scientists have found a way to use it to alleviate the nasty side effects caused by antibiotics  
  6. Toothpaste and mouthwash. This is sneaky #6 because how could we not mention the benefits of charcoal for oral care?! Activated charcoal helps balance pH levels in your mouth, strengthens tooth enamel, draws out toxins and whitening your teeth. You can find out exactly why we are in so love with this black elixir here.

Using activated charcoal to enhance your health is a no-brainer, the biggest problem for us is deciding which form to have it in next…ice cream, definitely ice cream.  

*as a side note some say the absorbent qualities of the charcoal could actually relieve the symptoms of a hangover, although the jury’s still out on that one.